Having the right antenna is a critical part of getting the best possible digital TV reception. The type of antenna you need will depend on your local transmission arrangements for TV services in your area.

An experienced antenna installer such as Antennoz is able to tell you the transmitter site that best serves your area, and on what channels the digital services are transmitted

Amplifiers (also called boosters) can also be used to improve reception. The use of amplifiers requires careful installation in order to avoid problems associated with system overload and interference.

Antenna mountings sometimes need replacing (or tightening of the existing mounting) to ensure your antenna has minimal movement. It is also important that your antenna is in good condition. Rust, corrosion and missing elements can significantly compromise the effectiveness of your antenna.
High quality cable and connectors will also help to protect your digital TV reception from interference from other electrical devices (such as motors, generators, and household appliances).